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About Us

Goldart Jewellery Studio was founded in 1977 in Ottawa, Canada.

It was then that Mark Rozanski established that this family-owned and operated business would only operate at the highest standard of excellence or would not operate at all.

What you see today was originally established as a small manufacturing and trade repair shop serving local Ottawa jewellery stores. From our humble beginnings we have always believed that the design and quality should never be compromised for the sake of price. It is this notion that helped form the foundation for Mark to declare that “Everything that is sold here, will be made here” putting equal care in everything we do: from repairs to new custom made creations.

From day one, we have meticulously dedicated our efforts to be consistent, innovative and to always exceed expectations. The ability to ‘wow’ our clientele throughout the years has helped establish valued relationships within the Ottawa community and abroad and has afforded us the opportunity to be proud supporters of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute among other community ventures and causes.

The highest compliment you can pay us is to refer us to your friends and family. This is how we built and continue to build our business.

We’re still Ottawa’s best kept secret, but we won’t hold it against you if you tell!



We operate on the highest principals of quality, integrity, and excellence. Every Goldart piece is upheld to this standard. Attention to detail and commitment to the finest quality are the basis of every Goldart creation. The quality goes in, before our name goes on.

Every innovative creation exhibits a delicate balance between classic and modern designs. Our distinctive lines and unique shapes are combined with precious stones and metals that are then conceptualized by our exquisite artistry and meticulous attention to detail. We pride ourselves in being ahead of the curve.

In conformity with United Nations General Assembly Resolution 55/56 and the Kimberley Process Accord (KPCS), all diamonds used in Goldart pieces originate in conflict-free zones and are obtained exclusively from authorized sources with whom we have long established relationships. In addition to using conflict-free goods, we use recycled metals continually reducing our carbon footprint.

Bigger is not always better, never comprise on quality for cost.



Mark envisioned Goldart as a ‘one-of’ artistic jewellery studio where actual work takes place, on-site. We bring your desire and imagination to reality. At Goldart, you truly have infinite options. We have become known for our terrific design, meticulous attention to detail and exceeding the client’s expectations. Let us wow you with what we can do at our Studio.

Mark Rozanski

Founding member of our team. Mark, son of a prominent Ottawa surgeon, chose his profession in 1977. When his creativity and manual dexterity made him change his career to jewellery, it brought back his childhood love for creating and building model ships. Since then, he educated himself to become one of the most proficient gemstone setters in the country. Mark chose this narrow specialty after spending years in metal forming, assembly, and finishing. Mark is responsible for sourcing diamonds and all precious gemstones for Goldart.

Helen Rozanski

Goldart really relies heavily on Helen’s presence; she has been with the company since its inception. Wearing many hats within our business, from patiently helping our clients in making their choice when purchasing jewellery, to all administrative and purchasing functions, she is essential to us.

Joanna Rozanski

Joanna was born into the business and is a natural fit. She was always an artistic kid, always finding something to keep her occupied, from drawing and painting all the way to crocheting and knitting. Throughout her formative years, and after graduating with a Bachelor of Communication, Joanna had always been a supporting member of the Goldart family. Now, she has taken on a bigger role, learning how to carve wax and continuing her jewellery education. She can now design jewellery with CAD/CAM software and put our milling machine and 3D printer to good use. In the coming years, she will become a certified gemologist.

Costantin Gorbachuk

Constantin joined our team in August of 2014. He is an exceptional jeweller, with a great eye for detail. He consistently challenges himself to be better, including working with experimental settings. Constantin comes from a linage of watchmakers and has an engrained passion for watchmaking. Constantin possesses a vast knowledge of jewellery fabrication, design, gemstone setting, CAD/CAM design, having 20 years experience in the professional field. He is a great asset to our team. Constantin is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Russian.

Charles Mendola

This summer we welcome a new member to our team. Charles holds a Graduate Jeweller Certificate from the Canadian Jewellers Institute and has over 30 years of customer care experience at top Canadian retailers. Charles has a solid background in the jewellery industry and has had broad exposure to many aspects associated with it, from design to fabrication to gemology. Charles has excellent interpersonal skills and loves consulting and working with clients directly.