The Premier Guide to Finding the Perfect Wedding Rings

You read our Premier Guide to Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring and she said “Yes!”. Now you’re a happily engaged couple planning your wedding. One of the steps along the road will be finding the perfect wedding rings. We’re back to help! If you have landed here via referral or in search of the perfect wedding rings, welcome, we’re thankful to have you here and pleased to help you out.

We know that planning a wedding can be an incredibly daunting and time consuming task; we want to help make the wedding ring portion of the planning as stress-free/relaxed and enjoyable as possible.

Many jewellery stores will tell you that you need to place your custom wedding ring order months in advance. We won’t. We make everything on-site in our shop and depending on the intricacies; we’ll have your custom handmade wedding rings completed within 7 to 10 business days. This will allow you to have the perfect wedding rings made and out of the way so that you can focus on other aspects of planning your big day.

Your wedding rings are a symbol of your marriage, commitment and eternal love for one another. They are something that will be cherished and worn every day for the rest of your lives together. Unlike buying an engagement ring, your wedding rings are likely to be purchased together instead of in secret. This takes out a lot of the guesswork for each other in choosing the perfect wedding rings. As with the engagement ring, you likely have a set budget in mind for your wedding rings and want to make sure your funds go as far as they can.

There are several questions that you are likely thinking about and are likely to be asked when searching for the perfect wedding rings: Do you want them to match? Platinum or gold? Plain or diamonds? Thick or thin? Wedding set or individual styles? Matches and compliments her engagement ring? Or does she want a stand-alone wedding ring? Take a deep breath. Once again, we are here to guide you to the right rings at the right price.


Ladies first!

She already has the engagement ring, now it’s time to find the perfect wedding ring. There are three schools of thought regarding engagement ring and wedding ring etiquette. None are definitively correct; they are simply a matter of personal preference.

The first is that she will wear both the engagement ring and wedding ring on her left hand together. This choice somewhat requires you to have the wedding ring match/complement the engagement ring. Let’s call this choice the Perfect Match. This involves creating a band that fits perfectly beside the engagement ring using an identical style of matching elements. This choice can limit her to having to wear both the engagement ring and wedding band together at all times.

The second school of thought is that on your wedding day, her engagement ring changes hands from left to right (and her wedding ring is now worn on her left hand by itself). Now you have a wedding ring that flatters rather than matches, creating a unique and distinctive pairing. Let’s call this choice the Perfect Combination. This school of thought allows you to customize a stand-alone wedding ring that is (or at least can be) worn independently of your engagement ring. Couples that choose this route usually take elements from the engagement ring and include them in the wedding rings.

The third school of thought is broken down into two categories: plain band or statement band. This category excludes the requirement of having an engagement ring altogether. Let’s call this choice Perfectly Classic.
A plain band is exactly what its namesake says, plain. It is a simple band in any metal and any finish. It is the most cost effective and requires the least time to hand make.
A statement band is meant to stand on its own. It is meant to be an alternative to having an engagement ring and wedding ring set. This way you have a larger one piece ring that makes a statement. Hence the name.

Each of these choices lends itself to certain options. There is no hard and fast rule that needs to be followed. It is usually 50% personal preference and 50% lifestyle. Remember, because we make everything by hand, there is always a way to make your vision a reality.



This is probably the first (and sometimes only) piece of jewellery you’ll be wearing on your hands. Congratulations! There is no need to be nervous when designing your own wedding ring. If you have never worn a ring before, it may feel a little awkward on your hand at first, but you get used to it.

Choosing a wedding ring for him tends to be an easier process. This isn’t by any means discounting his taste or style, but more often than not, men will have a plain band matching the metal and style of their wife-to-be’s ring. They may occasionally include small accents to further match her ring, such as using small diamonds or similar motifs. This doesn’t mean that if she has a platinum engagement ring that he cannot have one made out of gold or vice versa. Or that he can’t have an inlay stripe, or a sentimental gemstone, or a two-tone pattern, or specific motif or design across the face of the band. The most important thing to consider, since this will likely be his first ring, is that the ring fits comfortably and feels comfortable on his hand.

A word to the wise regarding alternative metals. While titanium is great for your golf clubs, it isn’t a metal for a wedding ring. Same goes for other alternative metals like tungsten carbide and cobalt. Your fingers will inevitably change size over the life of your wedding rings. None of these alternative metals are solderable or sizable. What does that mean? You’ll have to effectively throw out your wedding band and get a new one each time your finger changes size. What’s even worse? In the event of an emergency, not even the Jaws of Life can cut one of these rings off. If you love golf so much that you would consider a titanium wedding band, we can put golf ball dimples on your platinum or gold band. Your wedding ring is likely the most important and sentimental piece of jewellery you’ll ever own and as such should be as valuable as your relationship.

If you still have some unanswered questions, we would love for you to come visit us at our Studio to help discuss your vision.

The most important thing to remember before deciding on wedding rings is your individual lifestyles (work life, active life and routines). While it may be nice to have a certain style or design, it may not be practical for daily wear. Your wedding rings should suit your everyday life. We’re here to guide and work with you to make the rings the best of both worlds.