May - Emerald

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The saying is April showers bring May flowers.  It also brings a variety of new green colours with all the budding trees and the rebirth of our lawns.

But more than this, May also has as its birthstone, the emerald - a green variety of the crystal beryl.  This colour is the result of traces of chromium. The intensity of the colour and the internal feathers will in large part be related to where the stones originated.  Brazilian and Transvaal stones tend to be lighter in colour while those from Colombia and Siberia tend to a darker green.  Small differences will also be noted in the specific gravity and the refractive index of the stones based on origin. 

Our studio is fortunate to have a large collection of emerald rings suitable as engagement rings.  Designs vary from traditional solitaires and three stone rings to halo rings with white or coloured diamond surrounds and diamonds on the shanks.  Matching wedding bands are also available in yellow or white gold, or platinum.

Goldart Emerald and Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

A number of cocktail or evening rings which feature emeralds can also be seen in the showroom.  The emeralds are often matched with other coloured stones such as blue sapphires, red rubies and of course white or other coloured diamonds.

Goldart Emerald and Diamond Evening Ring and Emerald Beads

There are designers and jewellers on staff and a supply of loose stones so that a client is not limited to what has already been hand made in our studio. Flexibility is one of our key attitudes. Before a new piece is undertaken for a client there are discussions as to what the client feels they want and designs are submitted before the actual pieces are created.

Earrings, brooches and bracelets are also available on site or can be created to order.  At the moment, there is a single stand of emerald beads with a hand made and designed clasp from the workshop. Such rows of beads do not come to market often but our buyers are always on the lookout for the rare and unique.

The showroom and workshop are open six days a week.  We are always glad to see former clients and new alike so as to show them the unique items that we have been continuously creating here in our studio in Ottawa.

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