The Start of the Fall Season!

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A review of fashion magazines and blogs indicates that this is the season to wear anything and everything and all at once. Gone are the days of simple stud earrings. Now earrings have to be bigger to be better: long, wide, in any metal and any coloured stone. We have just completed a number of these and would be happy to show them to you.

Goldart Natural Coloured Diamond Earrings

If one bracelet is good, five are better. Mix pearls, coral, leather, diamonds or white or yellow gold and make sure that at least an inch of bracelets show. The tennis bracelet is great today when worn with three or four other narrow bracelets to give a wider cuff.

Where necklaces are concerned - more is better. They do not have to be heavy chains. Rather a variety of lighter looking chains work very well. Don’t be too matchy-matchy. Mixing different textures and colours work well. These concepts relate well with the layered looks in clothes seen everywhere this fall. A variety of colours in the stones work well and our stock contains such variety to project this.

It is time to use some of the things which have been relegated to the back of a drawer or to a safety deposit box. Gold charm bracelets have been seen in many magazines and discussed for the past few years as a revival item. Now they are shown with woven leather bracelets or attached to other chains and worn around the neck with pearls or coloured beads of all shapes and sizes.

Helping you to create the look you want is what we do. Perhaps it is time to redesign those bracelets or to take those studs and amplify there look while maintaining the integrity of the original bracelets or earrings. A stud can be made larger on the ear with appropriate jackets or the addition of pendants to the stud.

September is one of those months of change in many ways. Back to school or work. Putting the lighter clothes of summer away and getting out some darker and heavier things that provide warmth on walks or bike rides. But this month also gives us a great opportunity to think about colour.

The birthstone of September is the sapphire. For many that means blue and a dark blue. But too dark is not what one seeks. A true colour is best particularly if there is some play of light apparent from the stone itself. Ceylon stones which are lighter in colour are very attractive when the colour is evenly saturated. The price point for such stones can be more reasonable than the darkest cornflower blues of Kashmir stones and in many cases suit people a good deal better.

Goldart Oval Sapphire and Pear Shape Diamond Ring

But another charm of sapphires is the range of colour that one can find in this material. One may have heard of yellow sapphires and here again the colour can be pale or dark and intense. But orange stones are highly sought after as well. Mauves, purples, pinks and greens are all colours one can find in this family of stones. Some natural stones also exhibit colour change. Then too there is the red sapphire or ruby. It is not usually referred to as a sapphire but is basically the same mineral chemically.

There are a number of rings and other jewels already prepared in our shop which highlight this multicoloured aspect of the September birthstone. But we also are in constant contact with Asian and other world suppliers of coloured stones and maintain a stock so that your own designs can be executed in a timely fashion.

Until next time, signing off,

- Richard MacDonald

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