November - The Eleventh and Penultimate Month of the Year

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November is a month of transition and preparation. We transition from the warmer fall months to a cooler time and the preparation for the full onset of winter. One morning in November, we wake up and snow is on the ground.

At the same time, as we prepare for the snow, we look forward to whichever holidays we celebrate in December; celebrations which revolve around family, feasting and gifts. 

We want to look our best, and for us, as jewellers, this is also a time for preparation to assist our clients make the best use of the jewellery they may only bring out at this time of year. We clean rings, earrings and pins. We advise on the restringing of pearls or other beads, check the strength and durability of settings so that there are no unwanted losses of stones or mementos during the Holiday Season.

This may also be a time when things which have been in families for some time get passed on to younger generations. These items may get remodeled to suit a taste which may be more casual. Three stone rings may be better suited as a pair of stud earrings and a solitaire ring. These three stone rings may also be the basis of a new cocktail ring with the addition of other inherited or newly purchased stones. If a ring had diamonds and the owner wants some colour in the ring, this may be the opportunity to rethink the concept.   

Remodelling items is best done with a good lead time so that the client can benefit from the occasion of a discussion with our in-house design staff and make the best use of what items they have. This will ensure the new items are worn regularly and not destined to a life in a bank vault or a jewellery box.

We should not forget that the stones for the month of November have the autumn colour of orange yellow, in common. One thinks of precious topaz in its lighter through darker yellows, but peach is also frequently seen in jewellery. We have in stock one such precious topaz peach pendant. Topaz comes in some other less common colours: white, blue and green. The three latter colours are not seen much in jewellery, but we have in stock at the moment a pair of loose white topaz stones which could make a great pair of cufflinks or earrings. Topaz has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale which makes it very appropriate for use in rings and pendants.

Goldart Natural Topaz November Birthstone

The other stone for November is the orange/yellow variant of quartz called citrine, which is less expensive. Here again the colour can vary from a light lemon colour to a deep amber or madeira colour. This colour range is excellent as it allows there to be a suitable stone for wear by all skin shades and tones. The hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale also ensures a durable stone for wearing as a ring. There are a number of stones in stock which vary in size and shape which would make great rings. We currently have a necklace of faceted briolettes (pear shape) citrines which would enhance anyone’s Christmas stocking. There are also matching earrings to complete an outfit.

Goldart Citrine Briolettes Necklace and Earrings

Until next time, signing off,

- Richard MacDonald

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